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The Trade Fair

The first trade fair in the world within the goldsmith sector

The history of the Vicenza Trade Fair goes hand in hand with that of the city, considering that it reflects its expansion. It all started even earlier than the 18th century with a rudimentary form of a trade fair which today has become the Vicenza Trade Fair and that has become famous worldwide as an international leader in the goldsmith and jewellery sector.

Its history

Maybe not everybody knows that during the final years of the 17th century around Piazza dei Signori, the first free fairs were already taking place.

Instead, the Vicenza Trade Fair itself was initially established after the First World War when the newly-restored Giardini Salvi (Salvi Gardens) hosted the pavilions of the Fiera Campionaria (Trade Fair).

In 1972, both the prestige as well as the constantly increasing importance of the Trade Fair made it necessary to move to the larger, more adequate premises in via dell’Oreficeria, the industrial estate of the city, where it is still held today.

The most important trade fairs
The most important events that are held at the Vicenza  Trade Fair every year include:
VicenzaOro (Winter, Spring and Autumn)    •
Spaziocasa    •
Sposiamoci    •
Expo Elettronica    •
Abilmente    •
Gitando    •
VicenzArte    •
Vicenza Numismatica (coin collectors’ Trade Fair)    •
Luxury and yachts, the Luxury Exhibition    •
Mondomotori show    •
2014 latest news
In 2014, the new pavilion was built and which people will be talking about for some time to come.
In fact, this is due to the way in which it was built, there are no pillars in the middle of the building itself and there this means that there are 15,000 m2 of space totally available, ideal also for organising events, concerts, shows and large-scale meetings.
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