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Here there aren’t only jewellers’ shops but you can do all kinds of shopping in Vicenza city centre

Apart from the attractions of extraordinary artistic and cultural beauty that Vicenza has to offer, obviously, there are also more mundane things to do here yet which are still just as appealing: for example going shopping.

The international appeal of the VicenzaOro Trade Fair attracts visitors from all around the world, therefore the gold and jewellery sector is the most important in Vicenza, but it is certainly not the only one.

Where to go shopping in Vicenza

The interesting website, managed by the Vicenza branch of Confcommercio (Italian General Federation of Commerce and Tourism), clearly shows which and how many shops can be found in the city centre. Corso Fogazzaro and Corso Palladio obviously stand out from all the others and there are shops that sell all types of products.

Considering its extremely favourable location right in the heart of the historical city centre, once you arrive here at the 4-Star Hotel Campo Marzio, you can reach your favourite shops on foot by taking a pleasurable stroll among the places of historic interest while enjoying the glamorous atmosphere.

The “Le Piramidi” (The Pyramids) and the Palladio Shopping Centres

About 10 minutes away from the hotel you can go shopping at the Palladio and the Le Piramidi Shopping Centres that are very close to each other and which constitute a shopping complex where there are a great many shops and recreational activities to take part in.

Le Piramidi is the largest shopping centre in the Veneto region with 150 shops, department stores, pubs, discos and multiplex cinemas; More than 7 million visitors go to the Palladio Shopping Centre which has a car park with more than 2,000 parking spaces and it has over 100 shops.
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