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Palladio - The Architect

A tour around Andrea Palladio’s home town, the key figure in the Vicenza art world

Some of his most famous works

Villa Almerico–Capra, known as La Rotonda
Teatro Olimpico  (Olympic Theatre) in  Vicenza
Basilica Palladiana
Palazzo Chiericati
Ponte di Bassano (Bassano Bridge) (Ponte degli Alpini)
Palazzo Barbaran da Porto
Loggia del Capitaniato
Arco delle Scalette

When during his Viaggio in Italia (Italian Journey), Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described Andrea Palladio (1508 -1580), he solemnly honoured him: “He is an extraordinary man due to the feelings he experienced within his inner self and for how he was able to externalise this inner state."

Just by reading this, it makes you realise that we are dealing with an extremely important figure who was also capable of influencing architecture overseas, so much so that in America, even today Palladianism is still spoken of.

It would take too long to mention and describe every single one of the tourist attractions of architectural beauty in Vicenza designed by Andrea Palladio; for now, it is sufficient to be aware that, within the city of Vicenza alone, the “City of Palladio”, there are 23 monuments designed by the great architect and that another 16 works can be admired throughout the province.

We started with a quotation, so we will finish with another. Guido Piovene said that by just learning about Palladio, the Basilica, the Loggia del Capitaniato and all his other works through studying is imperfect knowledge. You have to see his works in Vicenza.

In fact this is true: You have to see his works in Vicenza. Therefore, our hotel, situated in the heart of the historical city centre, will represent an ideal starting point.
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